Sliced Boneless Turkey Breast (R117/R116)

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Be proud every time you serve the light, smoky flavor of boneless smoked turkey breast. Ranch Oak turkey breast is carefully trimmed from the bone, infused with just the right flavorings, to come out of the smokehouse tender, moist and delicious every time, ready to slice, without waste, to any thickness you desire. Plain or fancy, picnic or dining room, plan a meal around tender, moist Smoked Turkey Breast from Ranch Oak for a sure winner. Serve it warmed along with your favorite side dishes or sliced cold for lunch or parties. It’s a delicious idea for small families or large gatherings. Ranch Oak Smoked Turkey Breast is so lean it is the perfect choice for health conscious consumers. Slow smoked over hickory fire to capture the delicious flavor only hickory can give, we guarantee you will be delighted with our smoked turkey breast.

Heating & Serving

Remove wrapper (and netting if applicable) before warming or serving.  To serve as a main course, wrap tightly in foil, place in pan and warm in a 300 degree oven for one hour and fifteen minutes.  Do not overheat!  Slice and serve.