Honey Cut Ham w/ Honey Mustard (R333/R334)

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Melt-in-your-mouth delicious Bone-in Spiral Sliced Smoked Ham without the aggravation of carving. It wouldn’t be so special if we didn’t start with the finest no water added ham we’ve been able to find anywhere and bring it to you at it’s peak of flavor and tenderness. No wonder it’s our biggest seller and delicious hot or cold. A favorite for gift giving or feasting with your family and friends, each ham comes to you fully cooked, spiral sliced* and ready to eat. Ranch Oak’s exclusive all natural Honey Crust glaze mix is also included.  A 4 oz. jar of honey mustard is included.

Heating & Serving

Your Honey Cut Ham is honey glazed and spiral-sliced around the bone.  The slices remain in place until you run a knife around the bone to release the slices.  Since your Ranch Oak Ham is fully cooked, you may serve it cold, warmed or at room temperature.  If you wish to warm it, do so carefully to prevent drying it out.  Remove the wrapper, leave ham in the foil, slightly open at the top, and place in pan to catch juices.  Place in a preheated oven at 300 degrees for one hour for half ham, or an hour and a half for whole ham.  Follow directions on glaze packet to create additional honey glaze.  When thawing, allow 24-28 hours in refrigerator, depending upon the size.